Paul D. Meyer

  • Revenue Rogue Warrior
  • Product Developer
  • Family Man
  • Expansion Expert
  • Ally Builder
  • Strategist

It may seem unbelievable, from appearance, that Paul brings nearly 30 years’ experience to the Tecker consulting group’s vast expertise. Paul’s approach is all about solutions, and offering up the literally thousands of association scenarios he’s witnessed to dynamically address the issues of the day.

Paul’s consulting portfolio includes work with academic institutions, state governments, libraries and medical organizations. A background in corporate life adds e-commerce to his work experience; it’s part of his background in the areas of marketing, public relations and branding. Paul enjoys a reputation among his clients as an innovative thinker, challenging current assumptions of organizations through facilitation and engagement of principals and key influencers. He is a proven researcher, trainer, and group process facilitator focused on producing results through collaboration, consensus building, decision-making processes, and research assessment.

From solution-oriented facilitation to training, consultation for strategic direction, revenue creation, alliance building and chapter relations, Paul offers a cohesive and creative approach to the management and development of associations, academic institutions, state governments, medical organizations, and corporations.

Perspectives from Paul:

“We tend to want everything to be strategic; so, we include everything in the strategic plan. Consequently, it becomes a glorified operational plan instead of a truly strategic one.”

“To creatively generate new revenue streams, there is one direction: focus, focus, focus. There are many opportunities, and sometimes even widespread support for many of them – but without focus there is little or no result.”


  • American Society of Association Executives: member, speaker, committee participant, author
  • ASAE CEO Symposiums: content leader
  • US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organizational Management: past faculty
  • National Healthcare Quality Advisory Board: past member
  • MBA, Marymount University
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