Create the will to govern well.

Is your governance helping you arrive at your destination smoothly? Or is it causing detours and bumps in the road?

In our experience, we’ve found that a lack of attention to effective governance can derail progress and create confusion. Our tools can assess your performance and remodel and redesign to ensure your governance practices are supporting strategy. We work with leaders, staff and volunteers to create synergy and develop a will to govern well. Your leaders will be focused on identifying desired outcomes and ensuring resources necessary for achieving outcomes. In addition, they will track that desired outcomes are being achieved. We’ll help you make informed decisions to develop strong leaders. You can establish a customized governance model that helps get you to your final destination on time and without incident.

Our assessment approach has helped many organizations position their work and decision systems for increased effectiveness, while maintaining the participation of leaders, members and supporters. Experience has taught us that no one single structure works best for all organizations. Success depends on the one that best represents your needs, wants and preferences.

We can help you

  • Conduct a governance remodeling summit
  • Conduct a governance audit
  • Assess and remodel governance structure
  • Assess and redesign governance processes
  • Enhance governance performance through evaluation
  • Provide coaching to volunteer leaders


Governance Restructure – A Mega-Issue Conversation

Governance Structure

Representative Governance Model