The Will to Govern Well

Second Edition 

The Will to Govern Wellby Glenn H. Tecker, Paul D. Meyer, Bud Crouch, and Leigh Wintz

Associations face far greater challenges today than ever before. At the forefront of these challenges is the speed at which change is taking place. To remain relevant and maintain the association’s unique strengths, leaders need to act quickly and smartly. The Will to Govern Well shares common attributes of well-governed organizations and outlines a governance system that includes:

  • The ability to make decisions based on knowledge rather than opinion;
  • The need to create a culture of trust for staff and volunteers, with common agreement on what will define success; and
  • A nimble infrastructure, with work and decision-making systems that can respond efficiently and effectively to the increasingly complex and changing marketplace represented by the organization.

The second edition of The Will to Govern Well provides a well-conceived and practical road map for developing strong governance that focuses on knowledge, trust and nimbleness.

The International Chamber of Commerce calls The Will to Govern Well “a treasury of enlightening, eye-opening, and at times startling revelations that could dramatically alter the way your association operates. The CAE Commission rates it as one of the top eight study resources for the Certified Association Executive exam.

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Decision-Focused Research for Association Executives:

How to Get the Information You Really Need

By Robin Wedewer – Senior Consultant

What will you learn from this ebook?:

  • How decision-focused research can ensure your research is asking the right questions
  • What questions to ask as you develop your research
  • Best practices for writing a research plan
  • How to decide between qualitative and quantitative research
  • What types of decisions can be made with 12 different types of survey research
  • Six things to consider when deciding if DIY research is right for your project

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“This is a great resource. I believe many association executives can become overwhelmed with just how many modalities of research there are. I especially find the breakdown of what sort of insights are best garnered through different research approaches very germane.”


Decision-Focused Research Planning Guide

Decision-Focused Research Planning GuideBy Robin Wedewer – Senior Consultant

Once you have decided to invest in decision-focused research, Robin will guide you through six simple steps to get your research project under way including:

  1. Conducting a background review
  2. Defining purpose
  3. Identifying information requirements
  4. Selecting methodology
  5. Developing a sample and analysis plan
  6. Creating a timeline

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