Three new consultants join Tecker International

Paul Meyer

NEWS RELEASE: Tecker International Expands Consulting Practice
October 22, 2018

Yardley, PA – Tecker International LLC (TI), a multi-disciplinary, global consulting practice, announced the engagement of three new consultants to bring TI expertise to more non-profit, association and corporate clients. The expansion is the result of an increased demand for Tecker consultants to help clients overcome barriers and take advantage of opportunities by identifying knowledge-based, outcome-oriented strategy and providing practical tools.

“The time was critical for Tecker International to expand. More organizations are facing the challenges that come with rapid changes in their environment. Each of our new consultants adds unique expertise to our practice and will provide new value to our clients,” stated Glenn Tecker, Chair and Co-CEO. Paul Meyer, President and Co-CEO added, “We are happy to have found three remarkable professionals to join our team. We are eager to be able to serve a larger community with their expertise.”

Tecker International is pleased to introduce:

Sharon Cox, MA, RDN, LDN, Senior Consultant, has more than 30 years of experience as a results-oriented executive with a special expertise in the areas of food, nutrition and wellness. As the owner and co-founder of Cox Duncan Network, she is recognized for driving operational growth, leading start-ups and spearheading change initiatives. “I’m excited to join the consultant team of Tecker International that makes a difference every day by driving change and inspiring organizational success,” stated Cox.

Dan Liutikas, JD, Principal Consultant, has 25 years’ experience solving complex business challenges as a partner in the Chicago law firm, Much Shelist, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President, Industry Relations of CompTIA and CEO of the International Legal Technology Association. Liutikas is also a current Adjunct Professor of Law at IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law teaching not-for-profit law, policy, and governance. “Not-for-profits are uniquely positioned in our current environment to facilitate industry innovation, educate the workforce and support social change and innovation. I wanted to work with an organization that is recognized as a trusted adviser to associations, professional societies and charities seeking to innovate, grow and reach new heights of success,” said Liutikas. “Tecker is a clear and natural next step for me and I am excited to help clients in our not-for-profit community achieve their goals.”

Cheryl Hudgins Williams, Senior Consultant, has two decades of Fortune 50 corporate, global nonprofit and consulting experience providing coaching, capacity building and communication expertise to mission driven organizations. She is dedicated to leveraging best in class organizational planning, development and communications to increase the impact of individuals and organizations whose missions include making our world a better place. “Tecker International has an outstanding reputation – for good reason – and I am honored to be joining them,” stated Williams. “I am excited to work with my TI colleagues to help mission-driven organizations identify and execute strategies that will help them grow and achieve their goals.”

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