Association Programs – Where Do You Go From Here?

Paul Meyer

Do you have a plan for 2021’s programs?

It seems that many associations are in phase two in assessing their portfolio of programs and services.  

Phase one consisted of making extremely critical decisions about upcoming in-person meetings

Phase two brings us these questions: Where do we go from here? What does 2021 and beyond look like? Now what?

Thinking about the longer-term future requires more options than what we have used in the last several months of cancel, reschedule, or go virtual.  

Executives are looking for practical help in order to solve these next big problems.

As a starting point, we have found the following high-level decision-making quadrants a useful approach to planning the longer-term future. 

By plotting each of your programs in one of the four quadrants, it provides you with an overall strategy for the entire portfolio of programs. Each strategy quadrants provides direction on what to do next.

Let’s Explore The Quadrants!

Build Strength or Sell Out – this position requires reinvention and reevaluation.  

Divest – pretty obvious what this means, but there are two sub-decision points: aggressive divestment or a phased approach to sunsetting the program.

Aggressive Growth – this position may require additional investment because programs in this quadrant could be providing more value and revenue with additional resource allocation.

Calculated Growth – this position means that we should not invest heavily in this program because it is meeting our needs.  

Of course, placing programs into quadrants isn’t where the decision-making ends, but it’s a helpful start! 

If you would like to use this exercise as a springboard to learn more about this process, you are invited to participate in a free webinar that will go into greater detail on this decision-making that moves you into phase two.  

Please join us for this free webinar on Thursday, Jun 18, from 3-4 ET with Carolyn Lugbill, Jim Meffert, and Paul Meyer.