Identify strategy to achieve your goals.

Are you trying to find your way through a changing landscape of ideas, opinions, and opportunities in our complex world?

At TI we’ve built our reputation — and the success of our clients — on strategic thinking and planning. This isn’t about just having a strategic plan that collects dust on a shelf. This is about instituting a process for thinking and planning strategically, focusing each decision the organization must make on achieving its vision and mission. We will help your group balance what doesn’t change — the timeless principles and values of your organization — with the vision of the future which drives change. Then we can work out the details for how to get there – the goals, objectives and strategies.

TI can help you:

  • Identify strategic direction and outcomes to be achieved for your organization (strategic planning)
  • Use strategic thinking and knowledge-based decision-making to identify the right choices
  • Engage stakeholders in a Critic Issues Conference to generate buy-in and make decisions
  • Align brand position to strategic direction
  • Align programs, products and technology to strategy
  • Create a distinguishing value proposition
  • Create opportunities for greater member engagement
  • Identify technology opportunities to support strategic goals
  • Assess strategic opportunities for partnering, acquiring, merging, and unifying organizations
  • Identify “mega issues” for the organization and figure out how to address them
  • Identify outcomes that are responsive, focused and directed at moving your organization forward
  • Develop a global expansion strategy
  • Ensure your processes are flexible and responsive so informed adjustments can be made as reality and circumstances change
  • Involve decision-makers and stakeholders to build buy-in, consensus and support
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