Clarity and consensus
on what will constitute success.
Strategy to get you there.

The CEO Symposium

Washington, DC

June 12-13, 2023


Tecker International Consulting Services


Discover what constitutes success in the long term so you can lead through envisioning your desired future.


Collect and interpret data and information so you can make the right decisions for the right reasons.


Use strategic thinking and planning to define greater outcomes and align resources to realize your goals.


Enhance governance effectiveness so you can support strategic direction and respond to changing needs.


Align operations with vision and strategy so you can achieve your goals through greater operational effectiveness.


Develop high performing staff and volunteer teams to lead your organization with clarity and confidence.

The Will To Govern Well

The Will to Govern Well provides a well-conceived practical road map for developing strong governance focused on knowledge, trust and nimbleness.

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What Our Clients Say

Ann Tourigny Turner, of AALAS discusses the benefits of using Tecker International

“What a great return on investment! Two full-day board development and strategic planning with you in the last three months has brought the association farther along than we’ve been able to accomplish on our own over several years..”Lindsay Roberts, CAE
“One of the most valuable things that the Tecker folks bring is perspective from other associations who are faced with similar issues.”Kristen Fefes, CAE
Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

Meet Our Principal Consultants

glenn tecker

Glenn Tecker

Principal Consultant,
Chairman and Co-CEO

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paul meyer

Paul D. Meyer

Principal Consultant,
President & Co-CEO

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