Why Value Soft Skills

Carolyn Lugbill

I have come to value more highly soft skills like interpersonal communications, teamwork, positive attitudes, strong work ethic, and emotional intelligence. Of course, we know that it’s critical to have the …

Three new consultants join Tecker International

Paul Meyer

NEWS RELEASE: Tecker International Expands Consulting Practice October 22, 2018 Yardley, PA – Tecker International LLC (TI), a multi-disciplinary, global consulting practice, announced the engagement of three new consultants to …

CEO Appraisal Process

Glenn Tecker

In a CEO performance evaluation, promoting individual satisfaction and contribution to organizational purpose are NOT mutually exclusive.

Role of Past Presidents

Donna Dunn

Although engaging Past Presidents can be beneficial, having a standing committee of Past Presidents can create a shadow board of directors.

Online Discussion Boards

Glenn Tecker

There are benefits to gathering information through online discussion boards but they should be combined with other more robust research for the board to make confident decisions.