Arrive at your destination with our help.

Research, Strategy and Learning

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there,” said the Cheshire Cat to Alice in Lewis Carroll’s fabled Alice in Wonderland. The same could be said about strategy. What sets Tecker International apart is our focus on building clarity and consensus about what constitutes success – not just for your organization or profession, but for each and every project you undertake. For each decision you need to make, there are different options to consider. By considering those options, and their advantages and disadvantages, we can help you determine which path is the best one to get you where you want to go.

Each consulting engagement starts by understanding our clients’ unique history, culture, personalities, and goals. Although there are similarities, each client has important differences. Consequently, there is no standard approach that works for all. We do not believe there are “best practices,” only good/relevant practices and those that are not so good.

But we do know that knowledge-based, outcome-oriented strategy and strategic planning has the power to transform associations, organizations, institutions, and businesses of all kinds. We believe in creating positive organizational cultures that serve members, customers and other stakeholders with commitment and innovation. As we address issues and focus on specific solutions, our consultants inspire leadership, management, staff, and governing bodies to use these strategic approaches to lead responsively amid change.

We have four core values that drive our decisions, shape our culture, and guide our client relationships:

  1. Clients’ needs are our first priority
  2. Superior thinking
  3. Maintaining absolute integrity in everything we do
  4. Enjoying what we do—or stop doing it.

We will work together to define what success looks like, identify the right strategy and help you align your resources to ensure your success.


Discover what constitutes success in the long term so you can lead through envisioning your desired future.


Collect and interpret data and information so you can make the right decisions for the right reasons.


Use strategic thinking and planning to define greater outcomes and align resources to realize your goals.


Enhance governance effectiveness so you can support strategic direction and respond to changing needs.


Align operations with vision and strategy so you can create greater operational effectiveness.


Develop high performing staff and volunteer teams to lead your organization with clarity and confidence.