Glenn Tecker

  • Executive Ally
  • Horse Whisperer
  • Experimenter
  • Innovator
  • Fun Facilitator
  • Disrupter

GT Photo 2015 (3)As founder of Tecker International, Glenn is our (quite literally) fearless leader. Glenn is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on leadership and strategy. Glenn assists organizations in identifying the right strategy to address their challenges of today – and tomorrow. But strategy isn’t enough. Glenn works with clients to ensure governance, operations and culture are aligned to support strategy. Glenn identifies trends and encourages associations to experiment and innovate.

Glenn’s clients include corporations, public agencies and trade, professional, special purpose and philanthropic associations around the world. His experience spans global philanthropic organizations to environmental leadership, healthcare and education systems. It’s hard to imagine there’s an organizational challenge Glenn hasn’t seen or helped to solve – but new ones are always welcome.

Perspectives from Glenn:

“So, what is the primary barrier to innovation in associations? Most association leaders are in favor of innovation. But, not all association leaders will risk experimentation. We find that a policy that commits to experimentation and innovation and describes how “risk” will be managed goes a long way to nurturing a culture of informed inquiry and continuous improvement.”

“We find that knowledgeable analysis and interpretation, sensitive to the peculiar dynamics of associations, is what distinguishes useful member research from junk.”

  • ASAE Leadership Development Program: developer
  • ASAE CEO Symposium: Content developer and faculty
  • National Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind Foundation, vice chair
  • America’s Vet Dogs, vice chair
  • New Hope Academy, former board chair
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association: guided member and staff leaders to redefine, and contemporize core purpose and values for the 21st Century.
  • International philanthropic organization: designed program and education for representatives leading non-governmental ventures from 10 Asian nations with a tradition of conflict.
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency, the American Water Works Association, the Technical Institute of the Pulp and Paper Industry: fostered collaboration among these and other advocacy organization’s leaders to use global technologies that contribute to quality of life.
  • American Health Care Association and the American Association of Homes for the Aging: developed strategies and institutional competencies to improve delivery of care to America’s growing elder population.
  • School districts, educational agencies, school boards and teacher associations: devised strategy to develop competencies to improve teaching, learning, and organization.
  • Real estate, credit union, savings and loan, insurance, and commercial bank leadership: counseled to address dramatic changes affecting the property and financial industries.
  • Agricultural associations: addressed complex issues related to food safety, industry prosperity, and shift in the demography and economics of agriculture.
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