Trace Haythorn, Ph.D., PCC

Trace brings 25 years of experience in the association, nonprofit, foundation, and higher education worlds. A passionate executive coach (ICF PCC), public speaker, workshop facilitator, and community networker, Trace loves working with C suite leaders; young people exploring their sense of meaning, purpose, and direction; and clergy/nonprofit leaders. “Too often I meet leaders who are looking for the one thing that will fix an issue, a problem, or an ongoing struggle,” notes Trace. “I love inviting people into a more systemic way of thinking, one that helps them remember why they love what they do while also imagining new futures and possibilities.”

Trace’s strengths include strategic planning, organizational realignment/redevelopment, community service, revenue diversification, budget prioritization, social enterprise development, support/nurture professional development of staff, diversity/inclusion strategies, and conflict mediation. Trace is a Certified Presence-Based Coach formed in the servant leadership model of Robert Greenleaf, committed to the ideals of Jim Collins' "Good to Great", Gene Sharp's theory of nonviolent resistance, and Otto Scharmer's "Theory U". He is deeply committed to his family and all they represent in the world.

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