Turn strategy into action.

You know where you want to go and how you want to get there. Are your resources aligned with getting the work done?

The work doesn’t stop after you’ve collected data, identified what constitutes success and defined optimal strategy. Now it’s time to turn strategy into action, deciding what to do right now to move you forward – action plans, budgets, communication, implementation and evaluation.

Together we can work to align your human and financial resources to: 

  1. focus on the work that supports your goals
  2. refine successful programs and services and
  3. ensure you can respond to emerging opportunities and challenges

As we help you develop strategy, we will schedule check points to make sure your strategy is supporting your envisioned future. Even the best strategy needs to be monitored and evaluated. And the measures need to be meaningful. TI tools help you establish meaningful performance measures and a process for on-going performance management.

We can help you:

  • Develop action plans and implementation strategy
  • Create effective communications plans
  • Identify performance measures and metrics
  • Conduct Strategic Program Assessment
  • Align staff and volunteer workforces to strategy
  • Enhance membership
  • Identify, develop and implement new non-dues revenue products and services
  • Identify, develop and implement technology partnerships that support strategic objectives
  • Conduct detailed assessments and feasibility analysis of strategic opportunities including partnerships, acquiring and unifying organizations
  • Develop business and implementation plans for strategic initiatives and new products
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