Make decisions based on knowledge.

Decisions should be based on knowledge – not opinion. Research should be based on the decisions that need to be made. And that information needs to be shared among those who have to make the decisions and those who have to support those decisions. We excel at all types of information gathering – whether large scale membership surveys, environmental scans, competitor research, individual interviews and other qualitative research We can help you figure out what information you need and the best way to get it.

The majority of association research dollars is devoted to periodic quantitative member surveys. Those surveys almost always cover a range of topics largely related to the collection of member demographic and profile information and gauging how well the association serves members—the who are our members and what do they think of the job we’re doing research. That type of research definitely has its place but isn’t particularly helpful at evaluating alternatives for action and informing decision making.

We will help you develop decision-focused research – gathering the right information at the right time using the right tools.

We can help you:

  • Understand your strategic position through environmental scans and competitor research
  • Strategically set a research agenda
  • Know your members and customers through quantitative research
  • Understand issues and opportunities through qualitative research
  • Make informed decisions through strategic analysis and understanding
  • Use technology tools effectively for data collection and decision-making
  • Use research to build effective strategy

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