Core Values of the Association or Leaders?

Glenn Tecker

Core values are the essential and enduring principles that guide the behavior of an association. But do they refer just to the organization or to the individuals that lead and belong to the association?

Core values should be articulated. The articulated values provide a basis for someone to decide if membership in the organization is appropriate for them.

If an individual’s values are not consistent with the core values of the association, it would be better if the became involved elsewhere. Without the values being explicitly expressed, behavior consistent with group norms is more difficult to expect. Futhermore, brand reputation is more difficult to sustain.

Boards that develop a reputation for being composed of individuals primarily interested in self-promotion tend not to attract the best, brightest and most influential minds in the membership. Someone has to define and then protect the desired brand reputation of the association’s leadership.

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Glenn Tecker

Glenn is a Principal Consultant, Chairman and Co-CEO of Tecker International. He has served in an executive capacity with business, public agencies, and non-profit organizations. Glenn is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost experts on leadership and strategy.