How We Are Working with Clients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

KiKi L'Italien

During complicated times like this, in an age of information overload, association leaders should be reminded of your association’s value to members as a trusted resource. We are proud of the factual and thoughtful member messaging we have seen regarding cancellations, postponements, and the decisions made to stay-the-course. We know decisions like these haven’t all been easy.

We wanted to touch base with our clients and community in response to the growing concern due to developments in the news and the recent outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus in our country and in countries around the world.

Recognized as the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus, we are monitoring the situation closely. Should the need arise for your stakeholders to remain home or avoid travel for prolonged periods of time, we can redesign scheduled work to support your leadership training, research, and strategy sessions using virtual tools.

While we prefer meeting and working in-person, we have the ability and experience to provide skilled facilitation and research online. We don’t need a lot of time for conversion to a digital format, so meetings in jeopardy can be rescheduled as a virtual alternative.

Using a combination of video conference and online collaboration software, consensus-building and decision making can be constructed using different methodologies. Tools like Miro, Mural, Trello, and Zoom Webinar provide the technology so that you can do what you need to do, and if needed we can adapt to almost any technology or platform you are using.

Virtual tools allow important conversations to take place at the same place – same time; different places – same time/different times; and/or different places – different times regardless of travel restrictions or canceled meetings.

For more information on how to incorporate this into your existing or upcoming projects, we encourage clients to reach out to us directly.

Be well, stay healthy, and watch for more updates and guidance from your friends at Tecker International.