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Leigh Wintz

As part of a client engagement that involved the development of an evaluation system and set of policies to guide the relationship between the chief staff officer and the board, I posed the following questions on ASAE’s Executive Management Collaborate Site:

1. Any new and emerging additional perks, benefits for CEO’s?
2. What am I missing in the way of non-salary incentives that a board can use to reward/retain a great exec?

It sparked a lively discussion and I promised to share the answer to the question posed by the client. Remember this is the “dream list.” There are a variety of tools that describe percentages of execs who actually enjoy these benefits. We are unaware of anyone who has them all!

What are some additional benefits or perquisites we might consider in addition to salary?

  • Additional retirement contributions
  • Extra time-off
  • Health insurance for fully paid for by the association for the exec; family included
  • Executive coaching
  • Car/Car allowance
  • Association membership dues (e.g. ASAE, PCMA)
  • Continuing education courses (e.g. ASAE Annual meeting, ASAE CEO Symposium)
  • Health club membership
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Home office expenses
  • First class air travel
  • Country club/downtown club membership
  • Cash bonus (performance based)
  • Use of an apartment. or other living space in a city other than HQ location
  • Ability to work remotely (probably accompanied by the ability to work 24/7)
  • Ability to consult (or run another business) in addition to FT job
  • Paid or unpaid sabbatical
  • Financial planning
  • Airline club membership
  • If commuting between cities (home one place and HQ in another) – a certain number of flights back home
  • Clothing allowance
  • Keeping hotel points earned from association meetings for personal use
  • Data plan for phone WiFi access that includes personal use
  • Volunteer service on other non-for-profit boards without having to take vacation/leave time
  • Spouse travel to association and industry events
  • Long term care insurance policy
  • Substantial continued employment bonus at contract renewal (assuming high performance reviews and expectations to renew)
  • Portable life insurance policy. Portability is vital
  • Continuing education for personal development, not job-related areas (time off as well as tuition)
  • Chocolate, the good stuff, not the cheap stuff!

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