3 Ways to Tweak Your Association Business Model Now!

KiKi L'Italien

Is your association business model broken?

While associations exist around a mission, every association has a business model. After all, no money? No mission.

In today’s climate, there are many uncertainties looming related to an ongoing global health crisis. Many associations must now quickly revise their models to provide stakeholder value and ensure organizational stability and viability.

While there are all kinds of different considerations that go into making changes to your organization’s business model, here are three approaches to explore.

3 Ways to Tweak Your Association Business Model Now

One organized way to break all of this down into areas for greater focus is by using the Association Business Model Canvas.

How can you tell if you can learn from the Association Business Model Canvas?

Can you describe your current and future model in terms of customer segments? Customer relationships? Value propositions? Can you link channels and revenue streams to key partners, key activities, key resources, and cost structures?

If the answer is “no” or “kinda, but not easily” then you should explore working through the business model canvas.

On June 12, 2020, Tecker International held a 60-minute session featuring Michael Anderson.

It explored the Association Business Model Canvas at greater depth. (Check out the replay of the session below for your convenience.)

The video explains how the Business Model Canvas can help you to visually describe your current model and design potential new ones to meet the rapidly changing needs of members and stakeholders.

It could be the right exercise to guide you to make informed changes to your model.

If you have questions, reach out to Tecker International or Michael Anderson, CAE, FASAE, FAUSAE, directly at [email protected].