Decision-Focused Research
for Association Executives:

How to Get the Information You Really Need

By Robin Wedewer – Senior Consultant

The decision-focused research approach is the best way to ensure your resources are invested in research that will make a difference for your association. This ebook will explain our approach and how you can get started on the road to meaningful research results.

With this ebook you’ll learn:

  • How decision-focused research can ensure your research is asking the right questions
  • What questions to ask as you develop your research
  • Best practices for writing a research plan
  • How to decide between qualitative and quantitative research
  • What types of decisions can be made with 12 different types of survey research
  • Six things to consider when deciding if DIY research is right for your project
“This is a great resource. I believe many association executives can become overwhelmed with just how many modalities of research there are. I especially find the breakdown of what sort of insights are best garnered through different research approaches very germane.”Newton Holt