The Act of Sitting Still

Gregory Fine

For leaders, especially Chief Staff Executives, the act of “Sitting Still” can seem nearly impossible. Yet, the ability to pause is critical for you as a leader and a human. Sitting Still doesn’t mean doing nothing, in fact, it is often the exact opposite.

Sitting Still allows for a variety of actions including reflection, centering, letting go, planning and finding a peaceful center. We are increasingly hearing from today’s leaders, both staff and volunteer, that they are increasingly overwhelmed with “noise.” Much has been written about the subject of the importance of Executive Self-care and vast options available. An effective first step is to stop and sit still.

Sitting Still can last a moment, a day, a week, or months. The key is to make it a rigorous and deliberate act. But don’t plan it. Let it unfold organically. Sitting Still also allows time to hone your Foresight and give you space to adapt and move forward.

There is another bonus to Sitting Still and that is it allows others in your life a break from you. An Executive Coach once observed that I was exhausting myself and my colleagues and needed to give everyone a rest. Sitting Still provided everyone a needed break.

“Sitting Still” is self-care for you, your organization and your friends and family. Travel is one way I “Sit Still.” How will you “Sit Still” in 2023?