Navigate ahead of
the curve

Gain the foresight to seize
future opportunities—
and succeed in an era of
rapid change.

Inspire action and commitment

Facilitate group consensus, create synergy,
make informed decisions,
and enjoy the experience!

Empower your organization with strategic, knowledge-based planning

Use information to fuel innovative thinking. Develop blueprints for success and metrics
for analyzing outcomes.

Work effectively with your group’s decision-making culture

Understand what makes your organization
tick—and achieve goals that resonate
with your stakeholders.

Develop strong leaders to transform your organization

Break new ground with confidence, using proven tools to create strategies for success.

Refocus your vision
of growth to include
global opportunities

Position your organization
to capture a share of
emerging markets.

Harness the power of Tecker’s knowledge, tools and expertise

Let us help you put your worthy organization on course for continued growth and success.


What We Can Do For Your Organization

What We Can Do For Your Organization

Tecker International is a client-focused, multi-disciplinary consulting practice offering a team of researchers, consultants, facilitators, and coaches to help you develop strategies for solving complex organizational and governance challenges and for taking advantage of market opportunities in today’s environment of rapid change. We use our collective intellectual and experiential resources to empower organizations to succeed...

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What People Say About Tecker International...

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Our recent board meeting was a huge success. We ended four hours earlier than usual, made big decisions about big things, reached consensus and didn’t get bogged down. What was the key to success? Tecker tools.

— Bonny Tippy, CAE, Executive Director, New York State Funeral Directors Association
Tecker Products

Tecker International Products

The Will to Govern Well,
2nd Edition

By Glenn H. Tecker, Paul D. Meyer, Bud Crouch and Leigh Wintz

What every association needs to develop strategies for governance changes.
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Tecker Youtube Channel

Tecker Youtube Channel

Glenn Tecker shares 7 strategies for CEOs in an economic downturn

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