The ASAE CEO Symposium

Washington, DC, November 15-16

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About the ASAE CEO Symposium

The relationship between the chief executive officer and chief elected officer is critical to an organization’s success. The CEO Symposium is a two-day workshop that enables CEOs and board chairs to connect and establish common ground. You’ll also have the chance to jump-start important initiatives and to gain an understanding of each other’s work styles.

For more than 20 years, the CEO Symposium has been jointly lead by Tecker International and the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).  The CEO Symposium provides insights into the challenges facing organizations today while also giving leadership partners the opportunity to define their annual priorities and determine how to work best as a team.

This is my fourth time at the CEO Symposium and I can tell that there have been meaningful changes to the program. I appreciate that TI practices what they preach.David B. LaFrance, CEO — American Water Works Association

Enrollment is limited for each program to ensure a comfortable learning community, so be sure to register early. Many executives return annually with new elected officers, knowing the results of the program is an excellent working relationship. Together, you will:

  • Hear insights about challenges facing associations
  • Connect and establish common ground
  • Define annual priorities
  • Jump-start important initiatives
  • Gain an understanding of each other’s values, goals, and interests
  • Meet and network with other association leaders

About the CSAE Symposium for Chief Staff and Chief Elected Officers

The relationship between an association’s CEO and Board Chair has a significant impact upon your organization’s governance performance and the way your organization is perceived by members and stakeholders. CSAE’s highly acclaimed Symposium for Chief Executive and Chief Elected Officers (CEO Symposium) is specifically designed to ensure role clarity and the most effective and productive relationship possible between you and your Chair or incoming Chair.

This event will help both leaders forge a strong working partnership and mutual trust which will have a measurable effect on the near and long-term success of your association.